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embodies the changing role of women in the workplace.

For over 25 years, we have maintained a low profile
recognizing, connecting and honoring outstanding,
influential women in business.

Enhanced camaraderie resulted in signature stories worth telling.
A personal dimension added significant value to curated
professional encounters.  Business relationships developed
without monthly meetings or yearly dues. Friendships formed with
the exchange of valuable ideas, dreams and authentic networking.

While many women busily focused on daily tasks or obligations,
dynamic new leaders with vision emerged to make
their contributions, meet challenges and find solutions.

It was a building time…a time to broaden our outlook.
As tech exploded - we forged ahead on our SweetSuccess journey.


Raise a glass to your SweetSuccess spirit and sparkle.

With pride, passion and purpose - claim and appreciate what
working women collectively share and accomplish on their journey.
This is our time to celebrate.  Introducing -

POP The Pink Champagne

You have defined the past, influence the present and will impact future
generations. Now is the moment to celebrate all working women who continue
to move their legacy forward through perseverance, creativity and leadership.
Here’s how to get started -

Pink Champagne Club

Join us as we toast the SweetSuccess journey connecting
each of us from there to here. With the knowledge of the road
that brought us here, WOMENINBUSINESS.ORG honors
the history makers and barrier breakers in the annual -

Couches, Cupcakes & Champagne Grand Business Salon


Carrying on our dedication to recognize and respect women role
models and mentors, we request your participation in the memorable - 

Project Legacy

Throughout the year, the best celebratory conversations can be yours.
We want to applaud you and get to know you. Whether your
SweetSuccess journey has just begun, continues or has concluded
in a glorious finale, you are invited as a colleague
to our virtual, hybrid and real time -

Pink Champagne Club Cordials